According To The Law Are 14-Year-Olds Children Or T? (Full Details!)

According To The Law Are 14 Year Olds Children Or T

According to the law, 14-year-olds are both children and teens simultaneously. The law states that anyone below 18 years old is a child. Also, a child becomes a teenager at 13 years old. Therefore, a 14-year-old child is also a teenager. 

You are still correct whether you refer to 14-year-olds as children or teenagers. So, the name choice depends on your preference. Under the law, a 14-year-old is a minor, and cannot vote. Also, they cannot legally own properties. 

Many parents will agree that dealing with such children isn’t easy, especially as they are easily prone to mischief at this point. So, parents are usually caught in the valley of being too strict or giving them excessive space. 

It is also hard to advise parents as not all 14-year-olds are the same. However, there are some tips we would share that will be helpful to anyone dealing with 14-year-olds. 

We often hear people say that dealing with 14-year-olds will give you grey hairs before your time. But, of course, they can be a handful. However, there are ways to curb such a challenge, and we will be sharing them below. 

Below is a percentage table showing how to deal with 14-year-olds:

Action Percentage 

Laws That Apply To 14-Year Olds

Many people say that a 14-year old does not have many rights in the US. They further state that one needs to be at least 16-years old before they can have some rights, and we slightly agree with this claim. 

However, we have also seen that some laws apply to 14-year olds. 

Here are some laws that apply to 14-year olds in the US:

They Cannot Vote 

Although it would not be out of place to call a 14-year old a teenager in the US, they are not up to the legal voting age. Thus, they cannot participate in any electoral process.

The legal voting age in the US is 18 years. Therefore, one can only vote once they are up to18 years. 

If your 14-year old ever expresses interest in voting, educate them on what voting means. Then, advocate that they wait until they are up to the legal voting age. 

One of the reasons why 14-year olds cannot vote is because their thought process can be easily influenced. 

They Can Enter Pubs 

It would interest you to know that it is not out of place to take a 14-year old to a pub as it doesn’t go against any law. However, the 14-year old can only get into the pub if the landlord agrees. 

But, the 14-year old cannot get alcohol as they are underage, and it is against the law. So, even if the landlord grants the 14-year old access into the pub, the teenager cannot buy alcohol and is limited to only soft drinks. 

As a parent, you can take your 14-year old along to a pub, but only get them soft drinks. 

They Cannot Give Consent 

It is a criminal case to have sexual relationships with a 14-year old in the United States as they are considered underage and cannot give consent. The legal consent age in the US is 16. So, if you want to have a sexual relationship with anyone in the US, the person should be above 16 years.

Again, it is considered that it is easy to take advantage of a 14-year old and they may not know what they want. It is why the legal consent age is 16. 

It is always best to remember that you can go to jail for having any sexual relationship with a 14-year old. 

They Can Work 

Yes, a 14-year old is eligible to work in many states in the US, but there is a limitation to the jobs they can do. 

For example, a 14-year old has no business involved in mining processes. So any mining-related jobs are not for 14-year olds. 

However, if there are creative job openings or jobs in the catering sector, there is no reason why a 14-year old cannot work such jobs. 

Also, you can find a 14-year old working in a car wash place. So, it would not be out of place to say that 14-year olds can work menial jobs in the US. 

They Can Be Fined 

We can see that you are keeping a confused face as you wonder why a 14-year old will be fined. After all, these are children/teenagers, and many of them do not have a source of income. 

However, if a 14-year old defaults on any seatbelt or traffic rule, they can be fined. Therefore, you must always educate your children/teenagers on the existing laws and why they must abide by them. 

It helps these children/teenagers to stay out of trouble and be law-abiding. If you feel that they cannot afford the fines, train them to ensure they stay away from actions that lead to getting fined. 

They Can Contribute To Custody Cases

A 14-year old can give their views about custody in courts in some states. For example, the 14-year old can tell the judge their preferred parent so that the judge knows who to give custody of the child. 

We are not saying that this is always the case, but it can happen. Also, if the judge needs to get extra information about the case, the judge can ask the child since they are up to 14-years old. 

In this case, they view it that a 14-year old is aware of things happening and can give a clear input. 


Here are some of the frequently asked questions by people:

What Age Is A Teenager?

The teenage years are usually from 13 -18. Anyone in such age range is considered to be a teenager.

Is A 14 Year Old Legally Considered A Child?

Yes, a 14-year-old is legally considered a child as the person is under 18 years. The law states that anyone under 18 years is a child. 


There is no officially manual on how to handle 14-year-olds as it differs. However, you can refer to 14-year-olds as both children and teenagers. Also, the tips we have highlighted help deal with these children.