American Samoa Law School – Does it Really Exist?

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It is important to note that this law school is fictional and does not exist. It was created for the show and should not be taken seriously.

American Samoa Law School is a fictional law school that appeared in the popular TV show, Breaking Bad. It was only mentioned in the first episode of Season 3 and has never been referenced again since then.

The creators of Breaking Bad have always said that this law school was created as a plot device, as it would be easier for the show to show Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) as a Harvard graduate if he attended an Ivy League law school, rather than one outside of New York. However, this does mean that many people take it seriously and believe it’s an actual law school and they should apply or go there because they believe it would give them a better education.

The University of American Samoa is not a real university and we never see Saul’s degree. This may be because his degree says “Saul Goodman” and he makes up some unverifiable jokes about it.

University Of Samoa Law School.jpg

What are Other Popular Schools or Universities for Samoan People Seeking a Degree in Law?

There are many universities in the United States that offer a degree in law. However, there are some schools that have a higher ranking than others.

The top universities for a law degree are:

– Stanford Law School

– Harvard Law School

– Yale Law School

– Columbia Law School

– New York University’s school of law

– University of Chicago

– University of Michigan

The top universities for a business degree are:

– Stanford Graduate School of Business

– Harvard Business School

– University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business

Conclusion: What do you think about Madeup and Fake American Samoa Law School?

Made up and Fake American Samoa Law School are just two examples of fake universities that existed for years seemingly without detection, seemingly because no one cared to look closely. The script writers at Breakingbad were not writing content for an audience, they were writing content for themselves, out of boredom or out of a need for self-gratification. This begs the question: how many other fake universities are there? If any reader has knowledge about fake universities please write in comments section below.