Can I Sue The President For Emotional Distress? (Find Out!)

Sue The President For Emotional Distress

You can sue someone for emotional distress, but you cannot sue the president as the law protects him. We are not saying that the president is above the law, but he has immunity from his office. So, you cannot sue the president for emotional distress. 

Emotional distress refers to mental suffering that makes you disconnect from reality. This suffering could result from things that have happened around you or if you are going through a bad time.

Citizens can complain about emotional distress when they feel that their lives are diminishing and it is the government’s fault. But sadly, they cannot sue the government for emotional distress.

Below is a table showing some terms associated with emotional distress and their meanings.

Paranoia It is the irrational fear that someone is out to get you.
Depression It is an elevated feeling of sadness and can be referred to as a mental disorder.
Obsessive-Compulsive DisorderIt is a character disorder in which someone has the uncontrollable urge to indulge in actions repeatedly. 
Bipolar DisorderA bipolar person is someone who has excessive mood swings. 

What Are Examples Of Emotional Distress From The President?

Examples Of Emotional Distress From The President

Here are some examples of things that can happen that can be tagged emotional distress. And it could be the president responsible for these cases.

Some of them are:

1. Loss Of Sleep

Loss of sleep is an example of emotional distress caused by the president. 

Understandably, it is easy to argue that many people experience insomnia, resulting in a lack of sleep. But in the case of emotional distress caused by the president, it isn’t regular insomnia. 

Instead, this loss of sleep is happening due to the high level of crime in the city or state. So, the residents are stressed and cannot do anything about it. 

These residents are banking on the president to do something about the situation, but the crime rate increases daily. Now, it seems like the president isn’t doing anything and could care less about the resident’s affairs.

This carefree attitude of the president affects the residents, and it can cause them to lose sleep. These people are scared that they could be victims any minute, giving them sleepless nights. Walking around is now a hassle as they are scared of their shadows. 

What is the president doing to curb the situation? First, of course, one would expect that the president takes proactive measures. But when that isn’t happening, the president is causing his people emotional distress.

2. Low Life Quality 

Do you think that people love being poor? Of course, no one wants to be poor, but many societies have people that live low life quality, and these people go through emotional distress.

Understandably, we agree that not everyone would be rich in society. However, the president can strive to empower people to ensure that they do not go beyond the regular standard of living.

It does not make sense when more than 70% of a nation’s population cannot afford to eat. But we see it play out in society.

In such cases, the masses may want to sue the president for emotional distress as they are going through unbearable situations. But, sadly, the president is immune and cannot be used.

However, one would expect that the government organizes empowerment programs to ensure that many people live averagely. Yes, not everyone gets to be wealthy. But, more than half of the nation’s population should be able to get by and take care of both themselves and their families.

Interestingly, a president’s success rate can be judged by the standard of living of most people in the nation. So, presidents need to be more intentional about improving the standard of living in their society.

3. Inability To Do Everyday Activities

Some people may want to sue the president when they cannot carry out their everyday activities, and we would explain how it works.

For example, when there was a lockdown during the Covid 19 era. We see that there were agitations and more amongst people. These persons did not like that their freedom was restricted, even though it was due to reasonable factors. 

Such persons can claim that the lockdown devastated them emotionally, leading to emotional distress. And, it would not be out of place if they wanted to sue the president for it. After all, he gave the order for enforcement of the lockdown.

Also, there might be times when the president may give orders for restrictions in some cities. And, it could be for various reasons, especially if there is unrest.

Now, if people own businesses, they cannot carry out their daily activities, and they might even lose money. Such persons can also say they are emotionally distressed, and the president’s actions caused it.

Once people cannot engage in their everyday activities, there will always be agitations. And if the reason for such restrictions can be linked to the president, people can want to sue him for emotional distress.

4. Lack Of Basic Amenities

Imagine not being able to access basic amenities like health care. Of course, it is almost unimaginable that there would be no health care facilities. But, unfortunately, we sometimes see that it happens in some places.

Therefore, it would not be inappropriate for the people to sue the president for emotional distress, as he has to ensure that the residents can access basic amenities.

For example, imagine if someone is sick, but there are no available hospitals around them. Of course, it would take a toll on their mental health, and they will eventually experience emotional distress. It becomes worst if lives are lost in the process. Thinking about such a situation alone can cause emotional distress, so you can tell how severe it would be to experience it.

It is one of those cases where the people will want to sue the president. But unfortunately, the law gives the president immunity, and he cannot be used for emotional distress.


Below are some of the frequently asked questions:

Can I Sue The Government For Mental Distress?

Unfortunately, you cannot sue the government for mental distress even if you have a case. 

The U.S court has ruled that one cannot sue the government or president for mental distress.

Can I Sue For Emotional Distress?

Yes, one can sue for emotional distress as long as there is evidence to back the claim. The U.S courts recognize emotional distress as a type of damage. However, you cannot use the president for emotional damage.

Can A Citizen Sue The Federal Government?

No, a citizen cannot sue the federal government due to the sovereign immunity by the law.


Emotional distress is a legally recognized case in the U.S courts, but one cannot sue the president for it. 

Above are cases that can present claims for emotional distress.

Hopefully, the law is reviewed so that people can start suing the president in defaulting areas.