Is Brooklyn Law School Worth It? (Explained!)

Brooklyn Law School

Brooklyn law school is one of the top private law schools in the USA. It ranks #80 for full-time law and #16 for part-time law. So, there are high chances of receiving high-quality education if you school at Brooklyn law school.

A law school is a specialized institution. Therefore, it is as the name implies. So, you will only learn legal studies at this school.

If you are wondering, Brooklyn law school is situated in New York. And, we see that they have a fair inflow of students. 

Thus, it is only fitting to say that Brooklyn law school is worth it. Else, the number of students would have been reduced. But, since there is a steady inflow of students to Brooklyn law school, it shows that they are doing something right and are worth it. 

Below is a table showing some law schools in the USA and their ranking. 

1.Harvard University
2. Yale University 
3.Columbia University 
4.Stanford University

Pros Of Schooling At Brooklyn Law School 

People usually consider many factors when picking a law school and one of it is its academic prowess and ranking. It is why people usually ask if Brooklyn law school is worth it. 

Although this school ranks #80 for full-time and #16 for part-time studies, it is worth it. 

Below are some other pros of schooling at Brooklyn law school:


Where you stay can influence your choice of law school. After all, we see that people do not like schooling far away from home for various reasons. 

For example, you can be going to school from home if your school is close to your house. However, if you choose a school far from home, you have to deal with sorting accommodation, which comes at an extra cost. 

So, to save you more expenses and stress, we see that people use location as a determinant when picking a law school. 

Also, we see location influencing choice regarding the law specialization a person desires. For example, you are gunning to become a finance lawyer. Thus, you will want to choose a law school in a region with many financial industries so that you can easily intern in any of them.

Those who school in Brooklyn law school will have easy access to these financial industries as there are many of them in New York. Therefore, you can decide to be a corporate lawyer. 

So schooling at Brooklyn law school comes in handy for anyone who stays in or around New York, we know that Brooklyn law school would be one of their top choices if they want to school near home. 

Financial Aid 

Yes, you want to go to law school, but do you have the finances to see you through law school? Or would you need help and sponsorships? 

Understandably, going to a law school is expensive, and you cannot always depend on your funds. So, it comes in handy to choose a school that provides financial aid for its students. 

Yes, not all students can benefit from financial aid. But, such an opportunity exists than for the school not to have it. 

Luckily, Brooklyn law school is one of the law schools with scholarship opportunities for its students. So, Brooklyn law school is worth considering. 

It is one thing for such opportunities to existing, and it is another thing to qualify for them. So, as you check for schools that can provide funding aid, you also need to research your eligibility status. So, you need to know the thing you need to qualify for such opportunities. 

It is usually a relief when people can get the scholarship, even if it is an only part payment, and you may be one of such persons. 

Academic Programs 

Typically, one of the main goals of going to a law school is to get a JD degree. This degree entails that you are a Doctor of law, also known as a Juris Doctor. 

And it is in law school that you can choose a specialization if you desire. Sometimes, this information takes many students by surprise. However, we also see that some students are aware of this, and they already know the specialization they desire before getting into the school. 

So, it is not inappropriate to see a student who uses the available academic programs to judge the school. In addition, the more programs a school has, the more choices you will get when picking a specialization area. 

Some law specialization areas are criminal law, business law, taxation law, and much more. You can be a doctor in any of these fields, but it depends on if your chosen school offers any of them.

Brooklyn law school is one of those schools that have an array of options when it concerns law specialization areas. So, people love to jump on their offers.

Cons Of Schooling At Brooklyn Law School 

Understandably, everything that has an advantage will also have a disadvantage. However, it only becomes a problem when the cons outweigh the pros.

A con of schooling at Brooklyn Law School is its academic ranking.

As stated above, Brooklyn law school ranks #80 on the law school ranking chart. It shows that even though they have excellent infrastructures, they can still do better. So, other schools are still pushing ahead of them. 

The ranking shows that they are above average, but it can still be higher. So, it comes as one of the cons of schooling at Brooklyn law school, as you will not have the prestige of schooling at any of the top ranking schools. 


Some frequently asked questions include:

Is Brooklyn Law A Good Law School?

Brooklyn law school is a good law school when you judge by different criteria, including funding aid. In addition, this school ranks #80 on the list of best law schools. 

Does Brooklyn Law School Have Housing? 

Thankfully, we see that Brooklyn Law School concerns itself with students’ comfort. So, there is available housing at Brooklyn Law School. 

Is Brooklyn Law School Accredited?

Yes, this school is accredited and has all rights within the law. 


If you have been considering going to Brooklyn Law school, you should do it as it is worth it.