What Are The Safest Places During Martial Law

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When martial law is declared, it usually means that the government is taking over the running of the country. With military personnel now in control, it is important to understand what would happen during this time. Martial law also means that there are severe restrictions on freedom of movement and potential dangers are everywhere.

The safest places during martial law are difficult to determine. It all depends on how the government will enforce martial law. But one thing for sure is that you should not be out in public after nightfall if they enforce curfew laws because it may be very dangerous outside at night since there will not be any people who can help you if something happens to you or your family members or friends outside at night.

10 places you can go during martial law

In the event of martial law, the government imposes restrictions on basic freedoms. Among these is freedom of speech, press, assembly, and association. You can be arrested without a warrant. Martial law is not limited to one country or region; it can happen in your country too.

The idea of martial law may seem like a terrible thing for many people. But if it is done correctly, it can be quite beneficial to the country. It can help when natural disasters strike or when there are public health emergencies. For these reasons and more, you should know where to go when martial law is enforced in your area because it could save your life!

Safest places to stay in while martial law.jpg

There are many different places that people should consider going during martial law depending on their needs and their situations at that time. Some places that you may want to consider include:

  1. Hospitals.
  2. Military camps or police station: Head to the nearest police or military station. Remember, they are your allies and will help you if need be.
  3. Churches or temples: Ask for help from your local church or religious leader. They can offer protection and support to those who need it most during this time.
  4. Malls or grocery stores: Commercial establishments such as malls and supermarkets stays open during martial law.
  5. Underground parking: Picking a place to hide out during an emergency isn’t as easy as it sounds. You have to think about your safety first and foremost, especially if there’s a possibility of being caught in crossfire between soldiers and rebels. One of the best places to hide is in an underground parking lot or garage – preferably one that has two exits so that if one path becomes blocked, you’ll still be able to escape through another opening in the building.
  6. Hotel lobby.
  7. Your home: Stay at home with all the lights off. It can be scary, but it is safer than venturing out into an unfamiliar place.
  8. Move to different city before the announcement: Find a friend who lives in a different area of town. That way, if something happens to one of you, the other person will still be safe with their family or friends nearby.
  9. Evacuation Center during Martial Law: If possible, head for an evacuation center (such as a school or government building) to seek shelter.
  10. Schools during Martial Law (is it safe?): “Schools during Martial Law” will explore the different educational methods and philosophies that were implemented in schools after martial law was declared in 1972. Schools, whether public or private, were affected by these changes.

Things Not To Do While A Martial Law is running on your City

Martial law is a tough time for everyone, but if you follow these things it will get a lot easier.

1. Avoid large crowds of people: This can be difficult to do in the day-to-day course of life, but in times of martial law this is crucial to your safety. Large crowds are suspect and may lead to arrest or worse depending on the situation.

2. Avoid protests: If you are already in a protest when martial law is declared, leave immediately! Once martial law is in place, any movement that isn’t considered “normal” or “passive” can be considered treasonous, which could lead to fines or death sentences depending on the severity of the situation.

3. Don’t carry weapons: Weapons are illegal in most instances when there is a school within 1,000 feet of the premises.

4. Public Transportation

5. Restaurants

6. Bookstores

7. Libraries

8 Parks

9. Malls

5 Martial Law Safety Guidelines

  • Avoid an unsafe location
  • Pay attention to curfew announcements
  • Stay off the street
  • Stay away from demonstrations or crowds
  • Do not carry anything that could be considered a weapon


The safest places during times of martial law are areas that are far away from military bases or government buildings.