What Are The 12 Points Of The Scout Law? (Listed & Explained!)

12 Points Of The Scout Law

The 12 points of the scout law are the values that guide every member of the Boys Scout organization. It is believed that you are ready to follow these abide by these values to be an outstanding member of the organization. 

Typically, organizations would have laws that guide their members and the smooth running of affairs. Therefore, it should not be surprising that you would also encounter rules and regulations with the Boys Scout organization. 

These 12 points of the scout law are not there to restrict anyone. Instead, they are to help their members be outstanding members of society, and this article will talk about them. 

But, first, here are some terminologies you should be familiar with as it concerns Boys Scout. 

Den ChiefIt refers to a scout who helps to direct the activities of a cub scout den.
Eagle ScoutIt is the highest rank for scouts.
RankIt refers to the different levels one can attain as a Boys Scout. 
Tenure It describes the length of service and membership in scouting.

The 12 Points Of Scout Law

Below are the 12 points of scout law:

A Scout Is Trustworthy 

For anyone who wants to be a scout, he must be dependable. And, one cannot be dependable if they are not honest. So, a scout must be upright and keep to his words. People should trust whatever comes out of a scout’s mouth. And, if a scout makes promises, the scout must keep to it. Therefore, a scout should not make promises that he cannot keep as he will be going against one of the laws. 

A Scout Is Loyal 

As a scout, you should be a reliable shoulder for everyone around you at all times. It does not stop at only your team members, as you also need to be loyal to your family and friends. In addition, you must also be loyal to your nation. Loyalty is a rare virtue that many people do not have. But, you must be loyal to be a true scout. 

A Scout Is Helpful

As the name implies, a scout must always lend a helping hand to those around him. The scout must not wait for instructions before rendering help, as he should use his discretion to determine situations where he can be helpful. One way of being helpful as a scout is to engage in volunteer jobs like helping out at a home care facility for the old. The goal is to always be useful in various situations.

A Scout Is Friendly 

It is one thing to be a scout, but what does your aura say about you? Does it drive people away, or do people feel compelled to become friends with you? People will always feel safe around you when you have a friendly aura. Therefore, a scout must always accommodate people, irrespective of tribe or age. So, a scout must never be racist and respect different points of view. 

A Scout Is Courteous 

The essence of good manners cannot be overemphasized, and we see that it also comes to play for those who wish to be scouts. As a scout, you must always be respectful. It is best to note that you will meet people of all ages and races, and you must not feel like you are above anyone. Instead, be respectful in all your dealings.

A Scout Is Kind 

Interestingly, a scout has to be kind to both humans and animals. A scout must not kill any living thing. So, if you ever encounter someone who does not engage in activities that could kill living things, there are high chances that the person could be a scout. A scout also has to be kind when dealing with fellow humans as he should not give what he doesn’t want in return. 

A Scout Is Obedient 

As a scout, it is expected that you abide by the rules and regulations of the organization. And, there would be penalties if you default. But, being obedient goes beyond abiding by the laws of the institution. As a scout, you must be obedient in everything, and it shows in how you respect the nation’s laws. For example, a scout must not be involved in any practice against traffic regulations. 

A Scout Is Cheerful 

It is best always to remember that your aura can affect others. Therefore, you must always be cheerful as a scout to ensure that team spirit keeps going. On the other hand, it would not always make sense to be moody as a scout as it could affect other teammates’ spirit and even efficiency. In addition, a scout should always be positive about everything.

A Scout Is Thrifty 

The idea of being thrifty entails that a scout must be smart. Therefore, a scout should not be a lousy spender. Instead, a scout should be calculative and save for rainy days. A scout must also always indulge in actions that protect rather than harm his environment. Every scout should strive to leave a place better than they met it.

A Scout Is Brave 

One can explain the idea of bravery in many ways, and we would explain them. First, as a scout, you must not be afraid to air your mind in any situation. Even if you are in the minority, you must always speak up for what is right. In addition, a scout must never cower in fear of showcasing their skills. Even if you feel that other people are better than you, do not be scared to show your talent. 

A Scout Is Clean 

Both the physical and mental environment of a scout must be clean. His house should be a place that people are eager to visit as they know it is free of stench. Also, his mental space should be filled with wholesome thoughts. 

A Scout Is Reverent 

The Boys Scout institution understands that there are different beliefs and religions. However, they believe that a scout should always stay true to whatever they believe and also respect the beliefs of others. 


Some of the frequent questions asked are:

How Many Points Are There In The Scout Law?

The scout law has 12 points, and every scout must strive to live by them.

What Is The Most Important Point Of The Scout Law?

There is no most important point of the scout law as all of them are equally important. However, the most important word of the scout law is ‘IS.’ It means that every scout must abide by the law as there is no probability option. 

What Is The Motto Of Scouting?

The motto of scouting is ‘be prepared.’


The 12 points of the scout law are for every member of the Boys Scout. And you must be comfortable with them before joining the institution.